Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Blues and Exciting NEWS!

It has appeared I have fallen off the face of the Earth with only a post here or there recently. I'm excited to announce that it's partially because....

We are expecting our first child this January! Pregnancy has made me all kinds of tired. 

And.... we now know....

We had a little gender reveal this week with our families- so fun! Everyone was so surprised - Most were betting that I was having a girl :)

And now, I go back to school tomorrow for teacher days. UGH! When did that happen?! I'm so not ready! I need at least another month. I'm sure you all feel the same way, back to school already or not! I'm finding that classroom set up is worse when you're already exhausted. So far, I've done a bulletin board that I'm pretty proud of! :)

And today, I'm relaxing and enjoying my last day of summer by working on my plan book for next year and creating a new student information sheet. I love having a 2 sided sheet tucked into my planner for each student for easy access. I revamped my student information sheet, and it's up for FREE on my TpT! You can also click the pictures to head there to download. I hope you can use it! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It!

I am so excited that I actually created something for my classroom! I have been anti-back-to-school for awhile now, and I am still happily enjoying what's left of my summer! My kids return 9/2 and I return the last week of August, however, I think it's about that time that I make my Lakeshore run and start thinking about what I need to create or recreate for back to school :( 

Today I used my Silhouette Cameo that I WON from Erica Bohrer's blog a couple of years ago! It had been collecting some dust since last school year :( I needed some snazzy new pencil cups for over by my pencil sharpening area. I purchased a these containers at Michael's! 

After some careful vinyl color selection, I cut the text for my containers and then the pencils. The pencils took FOREVER due to the multiple colors of vinyl needed, but they are so worth it :) Look how adorable! 

I finally learned how to really use the hook tool and the transfer paper. I had been peeling individual letters. Um, duh. That's what the paper is for. So. Much. Easier!

Since I had my machine up and running and I was on a roll, I decided to snazz up my kitchen, too! I created labels for my flour, sugar and brown sugar containers that sit on my counter. I am in LOVE with how they turned out! I added the cute kitchen utensils too! Now I want to use my Cameo on my entire classroom :)

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