Monday, February 13, 2017

Starting Over!

Hello there! 

I've had a very long hiatus from blogging and creating. I've had a baby (who is now 2!), moved (twice!), built a house, and changed from first grade to a K-1 classroom. I'm feeling settled now in my life and my new grade level, started creating new TpT resources for my new adventure in K-1, and I'm ready to get back to blogging!

K-1 is a new adventure for me! I have taught first grade for years, but my first love was kindergarten. When my principal asked if I would like to take on a K-1 for the next two years, I did not hesitate. It's been a challenge, in a lot of ways. I haven't found many other teachers who have experienced a K-1 classroom, so in a lot of ways, you feel like you're on an island. However, it is by far my favorite grade level I've taught so far! My first graders have the opportunities to be the leaders in the classroom, while my kindergarteners are making the most amazing progress and are rising to all of the challenges they are presented! Each grade level has their own standards and report card. That part is hard. I can still use my Lucy Calkins reading and writing units , and I just decide which units fit the group the best. We use Fundations in our district, so we follow the first grade curriculum for introducing new concepts, with additional practice time in small groups for both the K and the 1st graders. We use TERC Investigations for math, so I follow a guided math model to hit all of the standards for K and 1. 

I'll be blogging more about K-1 and my new adventures, as well as lots more on my guided math workshop model. Does anyone else teach a multi-age? I'd love to connect!