Monday, December 30, 2013

A resolution (and some freebies!)

To say that 2013 (and particularly the last three months of 2013) have been challenging for me is an understatement. This year was full of loss and heartbreak for me, my friends, and family. This post will not be about the negative things (I hope), but resolutions and my hopes for the new year. After losing a close family friend early in the year, moving to a new school (again) and then to another new school (read my post here), I was excited to begin the school year back in first grade with a fresh start. This year, like all years, presented me with new challenges that are typical school-related challenges. On October 5th, my world changed.  That evening, I broke my leg badly. Everything changed. I had a spiral fracture, and it was bad. I needed surgery, and I couldn't have it for other reasons. I was completely reliant on others- family, my husband, coworkers, for weeks and months. I was on crutches, struggling as a teacher, and struggling with no independence. It was rough. In November, I moved to a walking cast, and I'm now beginning to gain some independence. In the meantime, there were other things that were difficult and made things more complicated. Life got in the way.

Why am I writing this? Because for three months, my life has gotten in the way of me being the teacher I wanted to be, and still want to be. 2014 is a new year for me. I'm going back to work with a positive outlook. I resolve to get back to blogging, because it's something I loved (and still love!) to do. It inspires me to be a better teacher, and I'm hopeful that returning to blogging and creating will help me all around. I have lots of pictures and ideas and things I've been collecting and blog posts in my head to share, so hopefully this resolution will push me to finally write them!

Thanks for sticking around and reading that! I've gotten back to creating a bit, and here's a few freebies to check out. I realize some are holiday related, but maybe you can still use some when you return from break! Click the pictures to go to TpT to download these freebies. I love your feedback :)

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