Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moving back to Kindergarten!

In January, we had some budget cuts, and unfortunately, my first grade position would be first to go for next year. I have bounced around a lot in my teaching career, and after moving last year from K to 1, I wasn't really interested in moving again. After a few months of sweating it out and hoping I had a position for the following year, I was told that I'm moving back to kindergarten. I'm also moving to a different school in my district. I'm happy that I have a position next year, don't get me wrong, and kindergarten has always had my heart. But, it's my second year at my current school, and I finally have gotten comfortable there. Now, I have to move my whole classroom across town to a new school where I don't really know anyone :( The joys of teaching!

In other news, I have lots of helpful friends who are donating awesome products to my fundraiser for Martin Richards (Thank YOU!)! Check out my post here to read more about my Boston fundraiser. On Sunday, I plan to have the fundraiser up and running! Lots of great products for a small donation to the Richard Family Foundation :) 

If you would like to donate to my fundraiser, please e-mail me @ Please share this info - the more the merrier!

Apologies for the short post. I'm preoccupied with my upcoming move, plus I had a final observation with my principal this morning and 2 IEP meetings- I'm burnt out! 

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