Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How do you do class placement?

Today is the worst day of the whole professional learning time calendar- CLASS PLACEMENT. It's when we all sit in the library with sticky notes in hand and fight talk about which kid should be with with teacher, who needs to be with who, who needs to be separated from who, etc. etc. etc. I found this year to be especially frustrating because I have a large load of children on IEPs, and those kids are always placed first - therefore, the rest of our kiddos have to be moved in around them. Which is okay, I get why those kids go in first, but it can be challenging to move the rest of the kids in around them. So anyway, it was crazy. I'm also feeling emotionally attached to my class this year, particularly because I looped with a few of them from K to 1, AND I'm leaving my school and moving to another school in my district next year. So my question is, how do you do placement? Do teachers get most of the say? Does your principal make the lists? Are you allowed to put teachers' names on the lists or do you do a blind list without knowing who the kids are going to? Every school I've been at does it different, but it's always equally stressful.

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  1. We fill out a blue or pink card that has tons of info on it (guided reading level, behavior concerns, IEPS, etc). We hand them to SPED who pre-places all their kiddos. Then we get the cards back to place the others according to energy points (how much energy the teacher needs to have the child in their room). It works pretty well. Our principal insists that names are on the next year's lists so we know who we are placing our kids with. What a chore for you!

  2. I like the energy points! That's such a great idea!