Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Class Books

My class is NOT a fan of writing. In any form. We launched writer's workshop this week and started small moment stories and they are just not feeling it. So we're taking a step back and making lots and lots of class books together! My classes love having class made books in the classroom library. Some of them have been based off of our read alouds this week, like "A My Name is Alice" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". We've also been doing lots of name activities, so two of the books incorporate our names! 

The two white binders are holding our "Brown Bear" style book where the students wrote their name (ex. "Billy, Billy, who do you see? I see ___ looking at me!") We made an alphabetical list of class names and each student wrote the name of the student underneath them on the list in the ____. They also drew adorable pictures of that person in the box on the page! The "Name Alphabet" book is based on "A My Name is Alice" - the kids wrote "B my name is Billy and I like basketball" or "G my name is Grace and I like gumdrops". It also came out super cute!

We use the birthday book as a take home activity for birthdays! You can purchase this pack for my birthday binder here. I just updated it with cute new binder covers. I send this home on the day of the child's birthday and they write about how they celebrated! Typically they also include a photo on the page of their birthday party or a way that they celebrated. This book is a huge hit in the classroom! I love to store my class books in 3 ring binders. it makes it easy for me to take the pages out at the end of the year and have the binder ready for new pages for the next group of kids! They also look nice standing up on my otherwise blank window sills :)

I will be making lots of class books over the next two weeks- anyone have any other good ideas?

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  1. I love the idea of using student's names to make a book similar to Brown Bear Brown Bear. Would you be willing to share the template you used for that?

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten