Friday, June 28, 2013

FIVE FOR FRIDAY/It's finally summer!

This has been the craziest week... EVER! Here's my five for Friday.

1. My hubs works for Budweiser. He got tix for the Bud box @ Fenway for the Red Sox last night. Here is my dad and dad-in-law at the game!

2. My birthday is July 4th! Since I will be in NYC from Sunday on, my fam and I celebrated a little early. I leave for Teacher's College for the Reading Institute on Sunday morning! Celebrating my b-day/July 4th in NYC should be fun! :)

3. My last day in room 205 was this week :( And, what I THOUGHT was my last day in 1st grade... read below to find out that situation! 

4. OH MY. This is my pile on my moving day! I THOUGHT I was moving to another school in my district to teach K next year. But, I got the surprise of my life on the last day of school when I was told they would be moving me to another school in my district (my dream school!) to teach 1st grade! This is a more stable, more permanent position. I am over the moon excited! :)

5. And finally, the balmy temperatures at 8 am on the last day of school. It was only about 90 at 8 am, but we quickly made it to 94 by 10 am. Hooray for summer vacation!!