Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classroom sneak peek!

I'm not done yet, but I've been absent lately because I'm frantically prepping for my school year to begin! I'm in denial that teachers begin tomorrow :( Here's a sneaky peek of my new classroom!

Pete! Our new class mascot :)

Behind that black paper was a very old chalkboard. It took me days to decide how to cover it. I finally hot glued bulletin board paper on to it and nailed my calendar and schedule up. Hot glue apparently sticks to everything! I hot glued those magnet clips for my job chart (on the ribbons) right to the wall and it sticks! 

Classroom library disaster area.

I have been on a mad hunt for glitter clothespins! I finally found enough for each kid to display their work on my clothesline :)

Brownie points are my class-wide behavior system (from Sarah Cooley - First Grader at Last!). I LOVE this and my kids do too! We earn brownies for good behavior :) Once we fill it up or meet our goal, we earn something like extra recess or something else special.

And finally, I remade my bank this year! We use the coins to count the days in school, and I went ahead and slapped magnet tape on them and added a cookie sheet and chevron ribbon! However, magnet tape DOESN'T stick to plastic coins, so I had to hot glue every single coin. UGH.

That's it  for now. A classroom tour soon :)