Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five for Friday!

I'm so happy this linky is back! I've been in vacation mode for a solid week, but here is my very non-school related five for Friday (on Saturday!)

1. My pup turned 1!

2. Our 5th wedding anniversary was this past week. We spent it here at the Mt. Washington hotel! We spent a week of our vacation time at my husband's family's condo in New Hampshire for a getaway. Here we are at the top of Mt. Washington! 

Here is a family shot while traveling to NH :) Yes, Lola is in a car seat!

3. I spent HOURS laminating all of my new chalkboard decor. I finally get into my classroom on Monday for the first time! Woo! If you're interested in my chalkboard decor, it's listed on TpT :) I am still trying very hard to get my decor bundle uploaded! I recently updated my chalkboard number line to include numbers -1 to -20. 

This is a bonus picture of my cute furry friends :) Just because!

4. One of my fellow first grade teacher friends opened up an Etsy shop! She is so talented and is making adorable flower headbands for babies, kids, and adults! Please go check her out on Etsy- click her banner to visit the shop. Such cute stuff!

5. I'm part of this AWESOME giveaway! Check it out! Click the picture to visit A Burst of First and see all of the awesome products included! :)

I finally fixed my fan freebies and my chalkboard classroom jobs are UP! Please "like" me on Facebook to access fan freebies! :)

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