Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Can't Give a Tour So...

I had all intentions of linking up for the whole week for Teacher Week but my classroom looks like something seriously exploded in there. I just got in yesterday for the first time, and my back is killing me from all this moving! So, no tour yet. Just looking at the mess is stressing me out! ANYWAY, I linked up with Covered in Glitter and Glue for the Blogger Exchange and I received my package! Rebecca from Okie Teacher Tales was my partner and she sent me the best package ever! I love it all! Thank you Rebecca! :)

YAY!! Look at all of this cute stuff! I LOVE the glittery clothespins!! 

I recently re-did my job chart! My classroom jobs are posted as a Facebook freebie, so you can grab them there if you like what you see. I made them velcro because let's face it, my class size is increasing by the minute! That way, I can add and subtract as needed when numbers fluctuate! :) I put them on ribbon from Michael's in a chevron print to match my room. I love how they turned out! My kids' names will be on clothespins and I will clip them on to the job chart easily. I have my students keep their jobs for the first few weeks of school (they become the "experts" on that job and "train" the next student!) and after that initial "training" session, we start switching weekly. 

So no tour. I leave you with this mess and then I'll go hop around looking at everyone's gorgeous classrooms... We are off to Disney tomorrow! :) YAY!

This is how I left it today- it LOOKS cleaner than it is. I left out the 180 piles behind me ;)

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