Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Math Workshop Woes

I've hit a wall. I usually love teaching math. Creating math games and activities for my classroom is my absolute FAVORITE. But I am hating math workshop this year. When I taught 2nd grade, I taught a traditional workshop model with a mini-lesson, independent and partner work, and a share. In kindergarten last year, I tried out a few different things - open centers, a workshop-ish model, and finally, math tubs. Math tubs worked the best for me in kindergarten, but when I moved to first grade, the teachers at that level had already developed and established a plan for math stations. So, I teach with math stations. I start with a mini-lesson, break into our 3 groups, and the kids rotate through three stations - teacher station, activity/review station, and game station. At the beginning of the year, this did not work for my class. At. All. Some of the needs in my class this year demanded a more than I could handle on my own, so my math specialist started coming in to work with us 2 days a week and it was a life saver! Now, we have adopted a new intervention model and our math specialists were pulled to work with a new grade level. So I'm all alone again... and our math workshop has been horrific! The behaviors, the management, the range of learners in my classroom, this model is not working for them (or me!). I was thinking of going back to some kind of math tub format like I used last year, but I'm still on the fence. I had lots of tubs last year... but maybe I'd only have 4 or 5 this time? I still want to have my teacher time with them during math workshop, how am I going to factor that in? I would love to hear how some of you format your math time - maybe I'll get a little inspiration! :)

In other news, here are some of the items we're using in math this week! 

...this place value unit that I created to supplement our current curriculum. We're using the place value matching game this week and some of the practice worksheets!
Activities from Erica's 1-120 charts unit! We've been using the "adding tens" game this week.

Love these centers! We're using the Tricky true/false right now. The set up of these questions is fantastic - our district is pushing using "algebra" type questions in math workshop even in the younger grades, and this activity fits so nicely! I love how the kids are solving these tricky problems (things like 9+1=8+2, true or false?)! 

Hope everyone's having a great week- it's halfway over! :)

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