Sunday, February 24, 2013

Teacher's Wishlist Linky!

Happy Sunday! I am dreading going back to school tomorrow after a whole week off! Love my kiddos, but I am not ready for my 5 am wakeup! Today, I am linking up with Melissa at First Grade Smiles for a Teacher's Wishlist linky!
(visit her blog to check it out {so cute!} and link up!)

Okay, so here are my WISHLIST items!
iPod Nanos for my listening center. I wrote a grant. I didn't get it :( I would LOVE to have these for my kids to store in their book bins! Just 4 or 5, not a class set. I'll write another grant someday...
These cute book bags for my class! I love the bright colors (the pink/green matches my decor perfectly!). I use ziplocks now and they aren't that durable.
These book bins in pink and green. I bought cardboard ones from IKEA this year for my classroom for their read to self bins. They're ok, but I have already duct-taped 3 of them... These are so fun and colorful!
My number one wishlist item! I was SO lucky to get a mimio board this year. I am taking an interactive whiteboard class in my district and the few of us who are taking it were so fortunate to receive mimios to try out. However, my projector is on a cart. With a cord. Across my rug. With 19 first graders who bump into it 1000 times a day. And then we have to recallibrate the mimio. And recallibrate. And recallibrate.... It's so frustrating! I try to use the board as much as possible but when I have to constantly stop a lesson because someone bumped the cart, it gets to be a bit tedious... Anyone else have projectors on a cart?
Last but not least.. I need an unlimited cash flow so that I can feed my font and clipart obsession. Not too much to ask, right?! 

Link up and enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Love your blog! Thanks for linking up! I love the idea of using iPod nano's for a listening center! Now I have to find a grant to write too!!! :)

    First Grade Smiles

  2. Thank you! Thanks for stopping by :)